This project is dedicated to the current crises across Europe related to the Refugees and Migrant Policies. The main focus here is on the situation occurring at the local level in European cities, while also taking into account the national, European and international dimensions. However, the project will highlight the local context as a space in which the European and national realities intersect in their impact on the situation with refugees and asylum seekers. The objectives of activities organised here are to enable exchange between the locals and Green activists, to identify questions that need to be addressed in the framework of the current problems, to collect answers, and last but not least - to document this process in order to disseminate the outcome of the project. 

The scope of this transnational project includes a considerable number of activities in 2016, taking place across Europe - in Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Munich, Athens and Oxford. The collaboration with our national partners aspires to offer an analysis within the current context of both the European scale and national debates, and to produce new normative, institutional and social settings of migration policy. 

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This brochure represents a study of the Green response to the current Refugee, Asylum and Migration Policies crisis in Europe. 

It provides an overview of public documents such as European Green Party resolutions and public positions of the Greens in the European Parliament, and summarises the study commissioned by the Green European Foundation at the end of 2015. Therefore, this information attempts to reflect the main Green positions in relation to this topic, both at European and national level. 

In this brochure, you can find the main findings of the study summarised in three themes, as Common ground amongst national Green partiesPoints of divergence and Open questions.

A pdf version of the document is available for download here!


This guide, published in partnership with the Greens/EFA, provides an overview of EU funding available for local and regional actors working with migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

The objective of this guide is to actively support the work of these local actors, organisations and institutions with a one-stop source of information on additional financial assistance offered by the EU. This guide provides a quick and easy overview of the relevant EU funding opportunities, with key information and practical inputs in regards to accessing them. Special attention is given to projects that foster integration, social inclusion and a better quality of life for migrants, refugees and asylum seekers.

A hard copy of this guide can be ordered by sending an email to:

A pdf version of the publication is available for download here!