This transnational project consists of regional capacity building workshops for young journalists, Green party members and Green activists from the South-East European countries. It represents an educational and professional opportunity for writing articles and policies related to the development of Green Economy in the region. The project aims to facilitate ethical watchdog journalism as the key to raising awareness and promoting Green policy solutions in Balkan societies,  which are characterised by failures of the democratic mechanisms that are supposed to protect nature and public interest.

The programme of the project includes the following activities:

  • Firstly, an international media workshop for the young journalists will take place in Bulgaria. It will enable the participants to gain professional experience in writing articles and stories for BlueLink's virtual newsroom. The activity will be  led by Dr. Pavel Antonov – an experienced journalist and editor, former Chief Editor of Green Horizon (the regional environmental magazine for Central and Eastern Europe);

  • In parallel, an international capacity building workshop in Macedonia will be organised for the young Green politicians and activists, who will participate in writing a "Policy Paper" under the mentorship of a policy advisor;

  • Finally, the project will provide space for collaboration of these two groups of participants during the dissemination of the new sustainable policies aimed at the promotion of the Green Economy.

The European dimension will be taken into consideration in each phase of the project.

The results of the activities will be available online.