ECOPRO Seminar in Zagreb

The next ECOPRO seminar will be organised by the Green European Foundation, with the support of the Institute for Political Ecology and Heinrich Böll Stiftung, on the 14th of November in Zagreb, Croatia.

This event is a part of our transnational project ECOPRO (“Ecological Production in a Post-Growth Society”), which this year has a particular focus on the sustainable work. The upcoming seminar is entitled “Future of Work in Ecological Transition”, as it will provide an analysis of impacts of the ecological transition on work, working conditions and generally transformation of labour that are generated by environmental challenges.

Transition of both economy and industry to (more) ecological, just and sustainable modes of production is already - with more or less success – taking place globally and in Europe. In some cases it takes forms of technological revolution, in other it relates to slower transformatory processes that deserve adaptation of societies, citizens, workers. As this change generates irreversible impacts on work conditions, quality of work, job security, time, education system it is also opportunity for new ecology of work that will improve quality of life, social equity and work conditions. Taking into account new impetus for industrial policy in Croatia, this seminar will aim to present different views on conditions for creating sustainable work in Croatia. 

Furthermore, this event will have a strong focus on exploring directions in which work conditions can be improved throughout ecological and just transition; ecologists, trade unionists, politicians and experts from different will share their insights and experiences about ways in which work conditions, quality of work and social criteria can be improved alongside with fundamental changes in the systems of production and consumption.


11h30 - 13h00 Introduction

  • Vedran Horvat, Institute for Political Ecology, Zagreb 
  • Beate Littig, Institute for Human Sciences, Vienna
  • Toni Vidan, European Economic and Social Committee, Brussels/Green Action/FoE Croatia, Zagreb
  • Ana Maria Boromisa, Institute for Development and International Relations, Zagreb
  • Bojana Percan, Croatian Union of Independent Trade Unions, Croatia

13h00 - 14h00 Lunch break

14h00 - 16h00 Debate

  • Branko Ančić, Institute for Social Research, Zagreb
  • Karolina Leaković,  International Secretary, Socialdemocratic party of Croatia
  • Siniša Vinković, European Trade Union Confederation

DATE: 14th of November 2016, from 11h00 until 16h00

VENUE: Novinarski dom (Perkovčeva ul. 2, 10000, Zagreb, Croatia)

This event is open to public and free of charge.

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