Sustainable Work For All. A Socio-Ecological And Gender Perspective

One of this year's ECOPRO Framing Papers, outlining the project's focus on sustainable work in a post-growth society, is now available!

This paper comes as one of the results of this year's transnational project "ECOPRO" with the central theme of "Sustainable Work for All in a Post-Growth Society". 

The paper introduces the concept of sustainable work with reference to the current threads of the discourse on sustainable development and labour. In doing so, it stresses the need for gender equity as an indispensable element of a socio-ecological notion of sustainable work.

The argumentation is underpinned by findings of sustainability studies, the sociology of work and industrial relations, gender studies and approaches critical to economic growth. Along these lines, sustainable work allows for a self-determined and healthy conduct of everyday life for both men and women. It comprises all forms of work that are necessary to sustain a society, i.e. paid, caring, community and self-provisioning work.

Sustainable work is accompanied by a secure, fair and sufficient income for everyone. It contributes to the provision/production of ecologically and socially compatible goods and services on a global scale. Central prerequisites for sustainable work for all include a general work-time reduction, the redistribution of all forms of work, and a socio-ecological tax reform. 

Download your copy here!

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