Handbook on Organising European Green Activists Training Programmes

This Handbook was developed by the Green European Foundation together with representatives of Green foundations across Europe (Finland, Czech Republic, Hungary and Austria) with the aim of sharing experience and providing tips on organising trainings for Green activists.

In 2015, GEF and its partner Green foundations from Hungary, Austria, Czech Republic and Finland organised for the first time a project entitled “European Green Activists Training”. In the course of the project, the five partner organisations planned and organised trainings which explored the history, functioning and institutions of the European Union in a Green context. The training programme at national level was complemented by a common European study tour to Brussels in spring 2016.

Considering the unique character of the European Green Activists Training programme, the project coordinators have decided to develop this handbook, disseminating good practice for future editions of the training within their own foundations, as well as among other organisations interested in training programmes for young activists. This publication is aimed at all organisations involved in educational activities for Green actors, such as Green foundations, Green parties, Green youth organisations and Green study centres in European countries, who are interested in discovering practical tools and tips on organising trainings which empower young people with the ambition to change Europe for the better. 

Through this instrument, we mainly address those organisations which have little or no prior experience of organising European activist trainings, but we think that more experienced organisations can also find useful tips and tricks that may inspire their future educational projects.

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